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Dress Up Your Galaxy S3 in Pastel Colours

Posted on the 20 July 2012 by Anna Peterson

Some of you have already gone to vacation, and some of you are planning yet to go. This is the perfect time to dress up your Galaxy S3 in appropriate summer colours. Take a look at some protective Galaxy S3 accessories, perfect for the summer, sun, sand and azure color of the seas and cloudless sky.

1. PDair Leather Case for Galaxy S3 – Aqua

Case for Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Case - Aqua

PDair flip leather case will provide most complete protection to your Galaxy S3, while leaving free access to all ports. In order to access the touchscreen of the device, all you need to do is flip open this Galaxy S3 case.

2. Click-On Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 – Blue

Cover for Galaxy S3

Click-On Galaxy S3 Cover - Blue

If you prefer less bulky accessories, the cover for Galaxy S3 is the perfect accessory for you! This cover easily snaps on the back side of your device, protecting it from scratches and bumps. Your phone won’t feel slippery in your hands any more, and gentle blue color will have calming effect.

3. Azure Skin for Samsung Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Skin

Galaxy S3 Skin - Azure

If you get bored with things easily, Galaxy S3 skin is handy solution to completely change the looks of your smartphone. And you can do this in a few easy steps. Skin is installed and removed easily, without leaving sticky residue. You can have a different-looking phone every day! There is also an option to download free matching wallpaper for this Azure Galaxy S3 Skin!

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By duckchik
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Nevermind. Didn't notice the link at first.

By duckchik
posted on 06 June at 20:47
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Where can I find the Azure Skin?