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Dreams and Creations…….

By Dreamsandcreations

Dreams And CreationsDreams and Creations……. Even though different, I  feel both of them are intricately related. Just like flowers and perfumes…Sugar and candy…spice and puddings….One ought to get motivated by the other..
I have been thinking about creating a blog for quite a time…..A random blabber one…In which I can write about anything under the sun….The only problem that I faced was getting a name for it…I wanted something girly but not those names that are overly CUTEEE…I think I nailed it right.
Dreams are a part of every human life. We all dream a lot ( but most often do not admit it). While asleep, awake, walking , eating, in a shower, in a bus…They have always fascinated me…Just how everything is possible in that world…The funny thing is most of the time we are not aware that what we are doing is dreaming.
In my opinion Dream is the first step of a creative process. We can call it imagination, but once we think of it both are the same right. Just like a child in mother’s womb our creativity is nourished and grown by our dreams. We mold a look or image in our mind and when we translate it physically it is called a creation. Right?
In this blog, I would like to share with you my hopes, aspirations, creations, style, art, fashion and even cooking. Anything and everything that I feel like sharing…Hope you will enjoy it..
Dream It...Wish It...Do It.....!!!!!!!

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