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By Nadine
Who determines whether your dream is valid? Who decides that something is worthy?
As a child, I was encouraged to "shoot for the stars", generally at that time considered to be a doctor or lawyer. I was told I could be anything I wanted. I wanted to be a secretary and a teacher (and I believed I would be rich because of the double career).
As a teenager, I was told I would be going to university, it was just a matter of what path and which one (and there were only 2 options given). Given those parameters, I chose to go into Computer Science.
At 17, I realized I didn't want to be in Computer Science and my options appeared to be limited to other disciplines at the university I was at. I chose Environmental Systems Engineering.
At 20, I was restless and a career counselor gave me many options in the environmental field and I chose to study Groundwater Engineering Technology.
Throughout my environmental career I remained restless, always feeling like the grass was greener elsewhere. I took many other courses but never found a home. At 34, I decided to follow one of my dreams and become a Yoga Teacher.
Today I am a full-time Yoga teacher (with contract work supplementing my income). There is no greener grass. I am fulfilled and content.
And yet, when I did some research I found that 85% of Yoga Teachers in BC make less than $25,000 per year teaching. I'm still in that 85% but I work full-time because this is my calling and I believe that before long I'll be able to support myself teaching. If I had presented this as my career plan as a child, teenager, at 17 or at 20, I'm sure I would have been told to give my head a shake and pick a more practical plan. But without question this is the right path for me.
Who determines whether your dreams are valid?

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