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Dreadmill in the Office Gym

By Khourianya @khourianya
I had a mid-morning meeting in our other building and the walk across the street had me dreading a run in that wind.  Since I had skipped yesterday's run due to stomach distress (it was a last minute call on that one - I was just too pained to run it) - I knew I had to make it up today.  Luckily the schedule called for an easy 5k and I can totally do that on the office dreadmill.
And I should probably use that gym membership since I pay my $16 for it every month.
So off to the office gym I went.
and onto the dreadmill.  Luckily I was there early enough to commandeer the fan.  And discover how hard it is to take running pics of yourself on a moving treadmill.  Almost as hard as trying to pull up your Rdio playlist.
Dreadmill in the Office Gym
So flattering. But at least no one else in the gym can say I posted their pic without their consent.
I was just going to run at an easy pace (5mi/hr) for half an hour then cool down, but at the 10 minute mark I was getting bored so I bumped the speed up to 5.5mi/hr.  and then up to 6mi/hr at the 20 min mark.  So kind of a progressive workout I guess...with a slow 5 min cooldown walk to finish.
Dreadmill in the Office Gym
Almost 5k.
I think every pore in my body was sweating.  At least I just look like I'm glowing in my usual post-run "stretching in the stairwell" shot
Dreadmill in the Office Gym
and AHHHHHHH!  My calf thanked me for this.  So much.
Dreadmill in the Office Gym
14k is on the schedule for tomorrow.   Luckily I can do it in a more self-propelled way instead of pulling a repeat on the hamster act.

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