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Doo-dads and a Confession

By Amanda Bruce @RecoveryisCake



Heh, heh. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is just around the corner – February 24th – March 2nd. Stay tuned for ED-recovery related events…

2. I was so ashamed I couldn’t finish the documented part of my “tummy love” project. The good news is that I continued it at home…and it worked. Keeping in tune with the realistic theme of my blog, I don’t 100% love my stomach all the time, but I love it a lot more. Turns out doing some strengthening and mindfulness exercises does self-esteem good. That’s just me though – core muscle exercises and weights have never triggered me, and this may be different for you. I also make sure I acknowledge my stomach everyday – instead of pretending its not there. This helps too. (I’m actually sort of psyched to buy a bathing suit this year. Weird, right?)


3. Miss Tayla James will be guest posting on my blog! I’m so excited, as she will be my first guest blogger. You should definitely visit her blog, She is an insightful, compassionate fellow blogger who is also interested in ED recovery. Stay tuned!


4. Props to Jenny McCarthy for defending her cuz, Melissa…


5. And you GO Chris Christie for not being willing to take unsolicited advice about his health or weight.


That’s all, I’m out!

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Doo-dads and a Confession

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