Amanda Bruce


  • Another Piece of Cake

    Pissed about the way women are treated by the media? Pissed off by your friend who is diet-obsessed? Pissed by the amount of women dying slowly from eating disorders everyday? Well, here’s where you can get angry. As a woman who’s been on the other side of food obsession, I consider it my duty to share my story, and to advocate for a society which promotes healthy body image. No calories, weight numbers, or body-checking allowed here.

    Who am I? Just another city-dwelling, thirty-something professional who found the courage to be normal. For eating disorders bring us to the extremes – they render us emaciated and silent, or out-of-control and belligerent. I used to swing between both extremes, but now I hover somewhere near the middle. I am lucky. I have supportive friends, a great therapist, and a laugh that cannot be contained.

    Spread the word. The madness has got to stop. And I hope you can find a little hope and inspiration here.