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Don’t Forget Your Snowboard Goggles This Winter!

Posted on the 15 December 2014 by Opticalh @OpticalH


For many people, sunglasses are just an accessory for the summer and when the first autumn leaves start to fall, they decide to keep them inside drawers. However what they actually don’t know is that our eyes are more unprotected than ever in the cold months and now we are going to tell you why.

Snow reflects about an 80 % of sunlight, almost four times more than the sand does when we are at the beach. This means that when we go skiing or doing any similar sport that involves contact with snow, our eyes are more vulnerable than ever to UV radiation and its side effects. Such is the case of photo keratitis, an inflammatory reaction of the cornea, the surface part of the eye, which can be extremely painful.

In addition, if we take into account that at substantial heights (up in mountains), the amount of pollution and the number of particulates suspended in the Earth’s atmosphere are significantly lower than in cities, the possible side effects from UV radiations are quite higher.

Wearing the right snowboard goggles when doing snow sports does not only protect people’s eyes but also it helps sportsmen and sportswomen to enjoy to the max. As we have already mentioned, when light reflects itself on snow, it damages directly our eyes, what reduces our quality of vision and perception of fine details.

In Optical H online store we have the latest trends in snowboard goggles, ski goggles and even goggles to simply spend a day at the mountains enjoying the snow. These are, in general, very comfortable and break-resistant glasses, with a 100% UV radiation protection, that adjust perfectly to every person’s face. Like these Evil Eye S Adidas that we show you in the next picture or the very Cebé Strack Shinny:

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Are you thinking of going skiing? Have you got any mountain plan? Don’t forget to protect your eyes with good snowboard goggles for the snow sports and enjoy your winter sports days to the max!

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