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Don’t Forget Your Checkups on LCHF!

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1


Do you need to go in for your checkups if you, as a diabetic, eat LCHF and have improved your blood sugar dramatically?

I received an e-mail from a physician about this:

The E-mail


I’m a fellow doctor reading your website with interest, and am myself following an LCHF diet.

Many success stories about type 2 diabetes where it really can do wonders.

But – I do wish that you’d point out a little more that one doesn’t get completely healthy. People should be encouraged to their annual checkups to monitor HbA1c and blood pressure. Many of these patients are on insulin and were already hit by renal damage and hypertension. And then maybe the orthodoxy fades with time and they get sloppy with the diet.

LCHF may get discredited if people go under-treated without checkups, and suffer complications that we otherwise usually don’t see.

You are really doing a great job and now it seems the old bastions are starting to fall!


Ingrid Sandhall


True – it is important for diabetics to go in for checkups. Far from all type 2 diabetics manage without medication; this applies foremost to people who start eating LCHF early in the progression of the disease.

People who have had type 2 diabetes for a long time are usually able to decrease their medication and show greatly improved health markers on LCHF, but often some Metformin is still needed, and perhaps a blood pressure tablet to make it all look perfect.

People with type 1 diabetes will of course normally always need insulin injections, but in substantially lower doses – and perhaps less frequently – on LCHF.

As Ingrid Sandhall writes, it’s not unusual that a few more carbohydrates sneak into the diet without you really noticing, and then it’s a good idea to monitor health markers, and perhaps increase motivation.

What do you think?

Do  you have diabetes and follow an LCHF diet? What does you doctor or diabetes nurse say when you come in for you checkup?


Ingrid was happy to share her e-mail with the readers.


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