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Don't Be Fooled -- Anthony Davis Can't Save The Charlotte Bobcats

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Don't Be Fooled -- Anthony Davis Can't Save The Charlotte Bobcats

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- Troy Ballard

Anthony Davis can not save the Charlotte Bobcats.

There. Someone said it.
Don't expect any surprises when the 2012 NBA Draft rolls around. Charlotte has a one in four chance of landing the first overall selection, and if the team does score that pick, the Bobcats will draft the best player in the country. Even barring Michael Jordan's ridiculous talent evaluation, there is no chance the team passes on Davis.
The kid is a can't miss prospect.
Davis absolutely obliterated competition in his freshman season at Kentucky en-route to a National Championship. Da-Brow was a haus defensively, blocking shots left and right, and was a cornerstone in Coach Calipari's system. He dominated nearly every center UK played, and was easily the top player in the country.
And guess what? He still won't be able to save the Bobcats.
Here's the thing -- I won't even apologize for my brash statement to the few dedicated Bobcats fans remaining in the droves of NBA fandom -- because it's true. If I even had a sliver of belief that somehow, magically, Davis could turn the Bobcats around, I wouldn't be writing this.
But the fact is -- Davis can't do it.
Charlotte spent two high draft picks last season on Kemba Walker (who appeared to be a solid pick) and Bismack Biyomobo (who no one knew), and the team will still hold the numero-uno pick in the 2012 draft. Losing out to teams like the Chris Paul-less New Orleans Hornets, the one-man show Cleveland Cavaliers, and the John 'don't count on me' Wall Washington Wizards.
A pitiful group in comparison.
Sure, if the Bobcats land that first pick, Davis will be an immediate upgrade over the current group of centers the team has. A group which includes, Biyombo, Byron Mullins, and DeSagana Diop. He will be able to step into a starting job from day-one with no competition from his teammates.
Davis would provide a defensive spark in an otherwise weak lineup in Charlotte. He could step-in from the get-go and shutdown the paint, to an extent, and rack-up similar block numbers to that of what he had in college. That's something, at least.
But where the team is desperately floundering for support -- the offensive end -- the Kentucky Kid won't be able to help the Bobcats out. In fact, he may actually damage and already delicate and poor offensive ecosystem that has hardly pushed Charlotte above five wins this season.
The blunt truth is this -- Davis' offensive game is not NBA ready.
His defensive ability is off the charts (essentially the same reason the Bobcats drafted Biyombo), and he would make an immediate impact on that end of the court. However, try and ask Davis to post solid offensive numbers, and the team would be better off asking Kemba to start at center.
Charlotte needs a superstar. Not another defensive talent.
Davis is good, but he can't carry the entire team both on offense and defense (think Dwight Howard). The  Bobcats need to find the kind of player that turns the team around, and it doesn't look like this draft is going to answer any prayers, and neither will free agency for that matter. The team is stuck.
Unfortunately for the Bobcats, LeBron James', Kevin Durants, and Chris Pauls don't grow on trees. The best Charlotte can do is draft Davis and hope the team makes a slight improvement, but for anyone thinking that he will save the franchise -- think again.

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