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Does the Apple Fall Far?

Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
I was just laying in my bed and thinking to myself; we are living in a time where glorified whores are definitely winning. Men are leaving their homes in shambles and disarray to court women who used to be restricted to clubs, after hour spots, and late night booty calls. I like to call them 12-6am b*tches. Who is really to blame? Have the wives of America nagged their husbands to the point that dating a whore is now acceptable? I'm all for who you were with before me is none of my business after the HIV and STD testing, don't get me wrong, but how does a man leave his family to wife a whore when he is the father of a daughter? What does Kim Kardashian tell little North when she comes home from school one day in tears because the other children are telling her things about her mom that she can also find for herself on the Internet concerning certain footage and pictures that doesn't paint her in the best picture? What does Stevie J say to his teen daughter if she ever asks why he cheated on her mother with and (allegedly) married Joseline Hernandez, a former stripper/prostitute with a video on World Star Hip Hop of her digging in her cookie jar for the world to see? How do you demand your daughter exude self respect when the woman you choose to be with is the opposite of who you want your daughter to grow up and become. 'A lady in the street, and a freak in the bed', remember that saying? It seems nowadays men want a tongue wagging, coochie popping, twerking in the middle of the street type of woman and it seems to me more and more woman are more than happy to oblige them. Here's where the problem lies, most women that are so ready to become a mans whore will more than likely never become his wife. Now here comes my favorite part, assumption and speculation, ok, somebody please explain to me why Kanye has put a bun in the oven but no ring on that finger? Here what I think, Kanye ego is so huge that it will never allow him to marry Kim K because of the same reasons I pointed out earlier. So where does these turn of events leave future generations of women looking for stability in the form of a man wishing for a quality woman and not some video hoe or miss one nighter? Just today I saw some little girl no older than 10 years old outside, laying on her back and elbows twerking in an upside down split. A few grown ass men watched her and her friends shake, gyrate, and move provocatively like all that was missing was a damn pole. Their moms talked amongst themselves like there was nothing extremely disturbing about the entire scene. My sons will have to pick wives out of these girls whose mothers do not have the sense to raise them respectable. We need to teach our daughters that if all a man is attracted to is your body, chances are sooner or later he will leave you for a woman with a better one at the drop of a hat. Censor what ever influences your daughters in a negative way so they can remain 'little girls' until they no longer need to be. Our daughters need not be exposed to things meant specifically for grown women. It's like the saying, "just because they made your size doesn't mean it fits," I feel that way when I hear little girls yelling out provocative lyrics and they can barely read. I'm going to automatically assume mom is too busy blasting the stereo rather than study with her child to ensure they have a chance at success. I know if I hear one more parent say their daughter is going to be a singer, rapper, or snag a rich husband because they are going to be badd when they grow up, I'm going to scream. Reality tv is not as REAL as people think and trust me when I tell u that Ms Kardashian and Ms Hernandez are anomalies, REAL men do not wife whores! Lets teach these little girls that when you work to stand on your own two feet using nothing more than your brain and raw talent, you will have more of a chance for a REAL man that will be proud to stand by your side as your equal, respect will be easier gotten, and the world will be filled with less 'baby mommas' and more WIVES! 

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