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Do You Like Post-Workout Massage?

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Hey loveys,
So as most of you know, I've started the 12 week training program with Optimal Body Fitness and my trainer Deanna. This time of year has been a bit nutso in terms of getting a consistent schedule for training. With Christmas, and going back home, and then New Years it's been a bit crazy. So because I just got back to see Deanna on Friday, and I can't see her Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday of this week, we decided that doing 3 sessions back to back was a good idea.
My quads really don't think it's a good idea.
Do You Like Post-Workout Massage?
I've always laughed when I saw this photo because it's pretty hilarious, but it's exactly my entire life right now. Some things I've learned in the past 2 days:
- Split squats are not my friend.
- Split squats holding extra weight are definitely not my friend.
- Pushing heavy weight across the length of an entire gym is not "fun times".
- I need shoes with better grip.
I'm going back to see Deanna this afternoon and I'm not totally sure how I'm going to survive. Hopefully it's a little less quads and a little more... anything else. After yesterdays session my legs actually felt a lot better, however when I got home and stopped moving they became a lot more sore. Deanna told me my homework was foam rolling my quads for at least 10 minutes last night. I attempted to foam roll, I really did, but I just couldn't do it properly because it hurt so much. Then I had a "brilliant" idea.
Get C to massage the crap out of my quads. 

Do You Like Post-Workout Massage?

My face the whole time

And by "massage" I really mean "rip my quads apart and release all the built up lactic acid". I laid on the bed and he got some cream and away he went. I had a pillow over my head the whole time because the pain was so unreal. I could feel bumps in my muscles (knots) and it was just so sore no matter the amount of pressure he applied. I put my iPod in my ears and started singing loudly. C eventually told me I had 5 more massages and for every time I said "ouch" it would drop by 1. For anytime I didn't say anything he would continue.
Needless to say it didn't take him long to finish because I kept saying ouch, but I did manage to keep a few painful massages to myself. My legs feel a little better today but I wanted to look up and share with you why having someone massage sore muscles after training is good for you!...
- increases circulation in the muscles allowing them to flush out lactic acid and repair more efficiently.
- gets more oxygen to the muscles via the blood which allows them to heal and move faster.
- helps stretch the muscle in ways we are unable to do by typical stretching.
- if you've had an injury, it helps break down scar tissue.
- can help provide not only physical benefits, but can also help relax you as well!
Deep tissue massage can cause the muscles to be sore for a day or two after the massage, which kind of feels like you would after a really hard workout. Needless to say, it is a great thing to do if your muscles are sore, even if it is REALLY painful for the time being. :)
I'm off to do some food prep and then get my butt to see Deanna for the last time this week - YA DAYS OFF! :)
Are you a big fan of post-workout massage? Or do you love foam rolling? I feel that's a love/hate type thing...

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