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Do People Still Sleep Their Way To The Top?

Posted on the 08 January 2015 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Do People Still Sleep Their Way To The Top?Seems to me in this day and age most people are working damn hard to to even keep themselves above the water in regards to quality of life and personal social status. A lot of us do more choking than backstroking and others are just fronting and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. I was thinking of my old boss and the receptionist who was seemingly giving up the goodies to this married man, I can't say for sure but it damn sure looked fishy to me, and I wondered to myself; Is she really having relations with a married man that has less than proficient business savvy, that paid me more than her to sit in that ice box office and pray the landlord upgrades the heating system, and that didn't even buy her ass lunch? This cannot be life. Either sleeping with the boss doesn't have the perks it used to or she should have set the bar somewhat higher. I give her this though, she definitely used to stroll into the office at the better part of 12 in the afternoon, after he dropped her off, without a care in the world and no one had anything to say, and at the end of the day he was her ride home. Now I am not hating in the least because I found it HIGHLY comical and entertaining that I was being paid way more than she was to freeze my ass off in an office during winter by a man that SHE was seemingly sleeping with.
I would like to think that if I were going to sleep with my married boss I would require the perks that would definitely have the hens ready to molt over my behavior. I would sashay my ass all over that office, do nothing, make personal calls, Facebook all day, and hint at a raise anytime I DID do anything that came even particularly close to resembling my job description. I'd come in late and leave early, I would take long lunches, and dare a soul, including Mr. Wrong, to have anything negative to say about it. I truly wonder if the people that do this think that it is going to get them anywhere. When the boss tires of you or if a new office worker willing to do something strange for some change comes into the fold, you will be on a new adventure, to the unemployment office. Then what do you do when you realize that the office or employable skills that you keep putting on resume's are really the things you wish you'd knew. What happened to working your way to the top? The fact that you decided to give up the sloppy toppy in lieu of actual productive work says a lot about the person that you are. If you do not know, I will tell you; You are lazy, unambitious, you lack drive and the follow-through to accomplish even the most obtainable dream, you are in a word: BASIC! You are default, you may as well be a baby because you are working with a blank slate. If you sleep with your boss and he ends up marrying you then kudos Mrs. Married-to-the-Company! However, if you make anything under salary/contract pay, you need to have several seats because giving up the cookies for minimum wage is something I'd take to my damn grave and will deny it if I was asked. Ole girl 'one bounced check away from broke' and her fake Louie behind seemed to think that she was pulling IT! No sweetie, we were laughing at you! AND to make matters worse, she was let go before the job even ended, and with no severance pay. Let this be a lesson to you all that is flirting with the idea of sleeping with the boss or a someone who is married. You are NOT Olivia Pope, Amina Buddafly, Alicia Keys, or Gabrielle Union, you more than certainly will NOT get the guy when you quit acting like a mistress and start feeling entitled like a wife. BOOM!

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