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DIY to De-dol the Doldrums

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer

DIY to De-dol the Doldrums
Today, while I was doing my daily blog roll read, I came upon this website: Irregular  I've seen the design by Irregular Choice before but I never sought ought their website and the AMAZING designs they have on their site. Those Raspberry Shoes are ridiculous. If I were working at the moment, I would surely be getting myself one or two pairs asap but since I'm trying my best to be frugal while I search for full time work I decided that instead of just moaning and longing for these shoes, I would make a project based on these wonderful shoe's designs. I grabbed two pairs of shoes that I've been growing tired of and brought out my craft box and simply went to town. I love the outcome and if shoes weren't something so specific to sizes I would definitely be starting to add these to the Etsy as well. (which is going along....only a few days now till I can launch it)
Although I love this pair of wedges, I'm not a fan of "plain" and the boring white was almost demanding a little bit of flare. I think of these as my version of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. Except mine are azure and emerald with bright golden flowers. I love the color combos on this pair and I really adore the sparkly bows I made at the back. They really add a bit of interest to the back of an otherwise boring shoe. I paired these shoes with a dress that also has small bows on the side to match them together.
IMG_9052.1   IMG_9047.1  
This pair was really fun to make and really easy as well. It was almost too simple to wrap the flower garlands around the weave of the shoe's structure. My favorite part of these shoes is the little flower on the buckle. I'm a fan of tiny details in hidden places so I couldn't resist adding that little touch.
IMG_9004.1   IMG_9001.1
All in all, I had a lot of fun taking some old pairs of shoes and giving them a summery update. I think everyone should give this a go since we're in the midst of the summer and everyone could use a little bit of flora dancing over their feet.

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