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DIY Magazine Rack

By Hlthbeauty
I and storage units probably have a birth connection! Be it a confectionery box, any gift box/tray or even a nice shoe box - I think if I can make use of it in any other way.
To see what I did with a Chivas outer trunk box with some lovely golden etchings that I didn't have the heart to throw away, click here.
So here is a DIY Magazine Rack that I came up with the goodie box L'oreal Paris had sent me sometime back.
I am talking about THIS box. I was initially using it to store my eyeshadow palettes and singles, but then thought of doing this one day, owing to its characteristic shape.
This is the probably the simplest DIY, anyone with two left hands can do!
So all those ladies out there who happened to get this box from L'oreal, can think of making this magazine rack for yourself :P
DIY Magazine Rack
DIY Magazine Rack
DIY Magazine Rack
L'oreal Skin Perfect Box
A knife
A nail file
Cut off the black lid of the carton box and smoothen the ridges caused by cutting with a nail file.
Your DIY Magazine Rack is ready!
Just drop in some magazines or books you are currently reading into it. You can use this as a file organizer too, to keep all your important documents in one place!
DIY Magazine Rack
DIY Magazine Rack
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