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Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Vitamins

Posted on the 24 February 2011 by Medicineman
How to tell them apart? Is there any difference between natural (organic) and synthetic types of vitamins?
Do you need food supplements to begin with?
Well let me ask you a couple of things. Are you:
  • sometimes lacking the energy you need to enjoy life to it's fullest?
  • listening to your body give you signs that you are giving it what it needs to run efficiently?
  • thinking ahead and are concerned about protecting your future health and well being?
  • under stress from your life's fast pace?
  • wanting to protect yourself from the environmental pollution surrounding us?
  • concerned about the possible genetic trends revealing themselves in your family's ongoing health history?

If you answered YES to at least some of the questions, you should probably consider taking some vitamins. Especially during winter time this can be a valuable boost for your immune system.
Difference between Natural and Synthetic VitaminsWhen we say natural or whole food supplements, we're speaking of products that contain the total complex family of known and also unknown micro-nutrients just as they are found in nature.These micro-nutrients are indispensable for proper vitamin absorption and maximum utilization. That's the only way you can have full and optimum nutrition. Synthetic vitamins lack most of these diverse and complementary components.
For instance almost all of the beta-carotene on the market is an isolated synthetic compound made from acetylene gas. It's no wonder that some of the testing done with the synthetic form of beta-carotene has produced mixed results, and in one study on smokers, produced even a negative result.
It is worth looking around for the right supplements and even paying an extra buck for them. The difference between synthetic and organic can often result in a positive or no effect at all. I definitely don't have enough money to buy cheap - even more so when my health is at stake.
Organic food supplements are a practical solution for today's lifestyle, so why not give them a go. You can't loose much but can gain something as important as a better quality of life.

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