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Dieudonné M'bala M'bala - Controversial French Comedian Banned for Anti-semitism.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala

Dieudonné, the French comic and social commentator who has been in the news much in the past month is back causing headlines again. He has been vilified for his reverse Nazi "Quenelle" salute which has been labelled as anti-semitic, although he claims it is anti-establishment. He is currently being questioned by French police, after bailiffs approaching his house to collect a series of unpaid fines were allegedly fired upon with rubber bullets. Dieudonné latest one man stand-up show "The Wall" has been banned because of the hateful nature of the language involved.


His chart is a really fierce one. He has his Sun and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius squaring onto Neptune in Scorpio, a square that indicates someone with very fixed and unusual views on faith, spirituality, collectivism and matters of suffering. Aquarians as you will be aware like to be different and controversial and this will be his way of fulfilling his Aquarian mission. This square shows great imagination and a sharp and flexible brain that will not be constrained by limits or rules. This conjunction makes a trine to Jupiter so he will want to make a wide ranging impact through his philosophical views and beliefs. He is very softly spoken and that I put down to the square from this Sun Mercury conjunction down to Neptune, an influence that bring a gentle quality to the harsher Aquarian edge.

The main feature of this chart is a very difficult t-square with Saturn and Chiron in Pisces opposing a close Uranus/Pluto square focusing onto Jupiter in Gemini. Saturn in Pisces sees the planet of structure in the sign of no boundaries and of faith and this can lead to a disregard of conventions and of self-discipline. This can show a penchant for working in artistic or a creative if rather undisciplined manner. The conjunction to Chiron indicates that though his work he may cause some wounds and hurt to people.

The opposition to Uranus and Pluto indicates a revolutionary and destructive element to the way he works and all this is focused onto Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, of faith and excess. Jupiter is in Gemini and this combination does allow him to pull together different bits of information into a coherent message. The thing is, this is a difficult, anti-establishment message, one which is revolutionary, one which will be unapologetic and hurtful in nature. Mars makes a conjunction to Saturn so here is a need to go it alone in his work and his stand up show reflects this. Mars in Pisces also are assertive in an elusive manner, making comments and acting in such a way to hide their real motivations. This is one slippery customer for sure.

His Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, no matter what time he was born so this is a man who needs to know everything that is going on around him. Scorpio is a sign of power and control and for him knowledge and control of the environment he is in is paramount. Normally those with the Moon in Scorpio keep their cards very close to their chest; they can be enigmatic  and will not let others know what they are really thinking and planning although if they do open out then you will be left in no doubt where they stand on any issue. There is a  natural inclination to be probing and searching in finding out what you desire and believe in.

I think however the key to this chart is Venus retrograde in Capricorn which is alone and thus dominating the chart. Venus in Capricorn craves love and attention and this need is internal because of the retrograde motion. He will do almost anything to garner love and attention, no matter how upsetting the nature of the points and actions that he is putting across. He will deliberately upset the apple cart so that he can be noticed, and this need has landed him in very hot water.

It is no surprise that someone like Dieudonné with such a prominent chart based around Uranus and Pluto has come into the headlines at a time when these planets are again shaping our world. Transiting Saturn is now at 22 degrees Scorpio thus making a conjunction to his natal Neptune and making a simultaneous square to his Sun Mercury conjunction sitting between 22 and 26 degrees Aquarius, this his personality, his beliefs and his communication style is under a tough and uncompromising authoritarian attack. 

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