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Diet Plans for Women

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

Diet plans are not focused on the control of a person’s food intake alone. Restricting the intake of excess or high calorie foods may not be effective if you will not pair it up with any physical activity that will burn the fat deposits that already exist in your body. The different diet plans for women basically affect a woman’s body in the same way. The fundamental idea is that you must burn an amount of calorie that more than what your body takes in. Those who are following diet plans for women that they usually see in the internet or in magazines never really had any idea of what calories are and how much of it they must take in. Any excess calorie that a woman did not burn during the day is stored by the body as fats.

Diet Plans for WomenDiet Plans for Women

The following are some of the diet plans for women that may work for you.

  • Low-Carb Diet

This diet is designed to eliminate body fat deposits fast. Lessening the intake of Carbohydrate enriched foods such as rice, spaghetti and potatoes may also decrease the level of sugar intake of the body that stimulates weight gain. The use of substitutions such as dairy products with low fat content, vegetables and meat is one method wherein the carbohydrate intake of the woman’s body will be lessened.

  • Vegetarian Diet

Making vegetables as the main source of calorie helps the body to reduce fat and decrease the amount of calories that are present in the body. Eating lots of vegetables together with nuts, eggs, grains and milk will supplement the body with all of its major nutritional needs even with the absence of some food intakes such as meat and carbohydrates. It is advised that a woman must consume 1,250 up to 1,500 of calories daily, eating mostly vegetables and fruits on a six-meal daily consumption.

  • Reduce Cholesterol Intake

Cholesterol is mainly caused by the excess calories that are left unburned in the body. To lessen the cholesterol intake, a woman must only eat foods that have an approximate calorie count of 1,200. Eating lots of foods that contain soluble fiber such as bran, oatmeal and beans helps the body eliminate all of the excess cholesterols.

  • Low Fat Content Dairy Diet

The fat that various dairy products contain is very rich that these can speed up the weight gain of the body of a woman. However, taking only one serving of a dairy product a day may have no effect on the weight of the woman. But it is not advisable for a woman to remove dairy from her diet completely. Dairy is one of the most common sources of calcium for women. Not being able to take the recommended daily calcium intake might lead to calcium deficiency diseases such as osteoporosis.

Diet plans for women must not be considered as a tool to lose weight or to be more toned. The main purpose of these diet plans for women is to lessen the food intake of a woman when it is already more than what she really needs to live a full and healthy life.

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