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Diet Doctor Podcast #72 — Nicolette Hanh Niman

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Environmental groups, wealthy influencers, and government officials have suggested that we must stop eating beef to save the environment. But others think well-raised cattle can be part of a sustainable solution to feeding humanity.

Rancher and author Nicolette Hahn Niman explains how inaccurate reports have perpetuated the myth that cattle are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than cars and industry, which is clearly not the case. We discuss her vision of how responsibly raised cattle can benefit the environment, our food system, and our health.

Like many complex topics, the interaction of animal agriculture and our environment demands in-depth discussion. This deep dive brings us closer to understanding how cows raised on grass can help build soil, sequester carbon, and convert solar energy into high-quality protein.

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Bret Scher, MD FACC

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Table of contents

00:00 Introduction
02:26 Welcome, Nicolette Hahn Niman
04:39 Nicolette's transition on her environmental journey
09:31 A paradigm shift about animal agriculture
16:34 Tackling the claim made by two environmental groups
22:53 The environmental contribution from the clothing industry
28:28 How to make the bioavailability of the large-scale transition
35:59 Policy reform: the future of regenerative agriculture
41:05 A hope for progress in the US administration
44:07 About the "clean" meat substitute
51:37 The "moonshots" to preserve meat production
55:46 About Nicolette's book "Defending Beef"

About the video

Virtual podcast recorded in April 2021, published in May 2021.
Host: Dr. Bret Scher
Producer: Hari Dewang

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