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Did Ed Miliband Sleep with Dan Hodges' Wife?

By Davidduff

Well no, of course he didn't, what a fatuous idea given that 99.9% of women wouldn't fancy that ineffable goofball if he was the last man left alive.  The 0.1%, of course, is the current Mrs. Miliband of whom it can only be said that "she should have gone to Specsavers"!  Anyway, I ask the question because this morning, Mr. Hodges picked up several base-ball bats and began beating the shit out of Mr. Miliband pausing only to change bats when they became too bloodied.  If, like me, you always volunteer to hold the coats of those indulging in late night fisticuffs outside the pub so that you can enjoy the spectacle, then this piece of merciless hammering is not to be missed.  One almost - but not quite! - felt a twinge of sympathy for poor little 'Goofy' as Mr. Hodges laid into him and perhaps it was my imagination but I feel certain I heard a quiet voice from his brother David borne on the trans Atlantic winds whispering insistently, "Give 'im one from me!"

Regulars will know that I have been an admirer of Dan Hodges for some time even if he is a bit of an old (well, young, actually) Leftie.  He not only tells it the way he sees it but backs his views with reasoning and facts.  He rarely takes prisoners but I have never seen him in quite such a vicious attack mode before.  There is obviously some 'history' between Hodges and Miliband, probably it stems from their earlier days as, er, 'comrades' in the Labour movement - if anyone knows the details, do please tell me, you can be assured that here at D&N your confidences will be respected!  Anyway, if blood sports are your thing do give Mr. Hodges a read.


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