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Dialogues Matter

Posted on the 03 August 2011 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Dialog is important to a business.  Succesful business do business in the form of a dialogue, not a monolog which is a one sided conversation.  Agree…?
Are you guilty of spewing monologue? Often it’s a dictatorial position. Monologues are not highly recommended as a convincing method to conduct business in today’s market place – we are a globally connected world.
There are many forms of dialog. I prefer the verb form of dialogue for purpose of this post.  Dialogue in verb form is defined: Take part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem.
Dialogue should encourage engagement and conversation. The conversations long or short do exist.  Social networks have an ingenious lazy way of encouraging the dialog [endorsement]. The like button, a re-tweet and the newer Google Plus +1 button are sprouting up everywhere.  Social networks are tuned into the dialogue! That simple like button, re-tweet and Google Plus +1 button are the easy way to engage, got it? The dialog is your business foundation.
Gosh I think back with a smile to the days I bartended at a small family owned Italian restaurant in Amsterdam, NY.  My nod, my smile and often my laugh was part of the dialog. It encouraged continued conversation – the customer stayed longer.

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