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DéJá Vu: Trump, Romney, and Tax Returns

Posted on the 13 May 2016 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
Hey! I don't play by your political Etiquette and Decorum cause I'm the Donald!...and I don't play by the Rules!!
Donald Trump's Tax Plans may change from day to day and depends on who he's talking to...but when it comes to his own Tax Returns and whether he should reveal them or not? Trump doesn't play by the rules...Le Grande Orange is stealing a little of Mitt Romney's horseshit about revealing the Romney-Ryan Economic Plan...'after' they get Elected.
In the Trumpster's case? He doesn't want to 'burden the country' with ordinary things, like his Tax Returns. “There’s nothing to learn from them”!...and everyone should be satisfied with that answer cause he's Donald Trump? Hey! The Donald knows everything! believe him!?!?  He said there's way more than enough time for the public to see his Tax Returns...after he's elected President!
Bernie Sanders released his Tax Returns, so did Bill and Hillary. They released all their Returns since 1977...and they also posted the last 8 years of Returns on the Internet!...and Bernie's in there too!
So why is Trump be so adamant about releasing his own Tax Returns? Unlike Romney who had money stashed away in the Cayman Islands or the Trump's case, it's how much he really doesn't have...and being openly caught in public as the certified Fraud everyone already knows he is!
He's your quintessential Used Car Salesman who will sell you a Lemon and you think you're getting the best deal on Earth. A professional con artist that talks a big game but delivers nothing!...a businessman who makes his money by screwing others...just ask Atlantic City, NJ how much they love Trump, these days! His successes? Bankruptcy!
How about starting with 4 failed Casinos which have gone Bankrupt x4 each of them. There is a reason why Las Vegas, NV will not give Trump a Gambling License for his empty Trump Hotel! And how about Trump Steaks that were condemned by the Dept of Agriculture? or his so called fabulous Trump University?...a class-action Lawsuit hearing against Trump University for defrauding people up to $35,000 starts on the 1st Day of the GOP Convention. Donald Trump doesn't own a business that he hasn't already destroyed, and the list is just too long to write it all down at this time.
I bet that Donald's next Economic Policy Plan and Speech will probably resemble a tad bit like Ryan's!...with absolutely no understand of running a Government, why wouldn't Trump use parts of his new buddy, Paul Ryan's, Economic Plan and his advice on Taxes? At least, he will look and sound a little more intelligent on what he's talking about...even if he doesn't understand a damn thing.
Now, the time during Election season when the nomination is virtually assured...Trump's allegiance to his 1% and Ryan followers is taking center stage...and all Republicans are to unite behind this schmuck?
He's Rich and Famous and his dysfunctional flock of supporters will back him till hell freezes over...even if they know, they won't receive a single benefit from voting for him. Stupid is as Stupid does with this group of fanatical foul mouth racists and bigots that call themselves Trump Supporters.  
You can call him funny, a fresh view of politics, you can associate with his Demagoguery, and say he's the right man for America...but Donald Trump doesn't respect anyone but Donald Trump.
He represents the suppression of the Upward Mobility of this nation, by overly greedy Oligarchs...while exploiting the natural ignorance of their devoted followers for their own personal gains and self-gratification. An indecent degenerate man who demands to see Proof of people's Birth, but refuses to show proof that he's as rich as he boisterously brags about!
And people believe Donald Trump is going to "Make America Great Again"?? Well, how about just trying to make Atlantic City great again!!
Donald Trump Says He Won't Release Tax Returns

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