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'Defiant Dave' Puts It on the Line

By Davidduff

By and large politicians would tell you that in politics you should only be brave if you absolutely know you are going to win.  Obviously, 'Defiant Dave' missed that one because we learn this morning that he has written an article for several European newspapers expressing his opposition to Jean-Claude Juncker as the candidate for the job of European president given that he is a swivel-eyed, Euro fanatic incapable of, indeed, opposed to, any reform of the European Union.  This now places 'Defiant Dave' in open and direct opposition to the majority inside the European parliament who want Juncker in the top job, as well as displaying open defiance of the 'Kaiserin'.

To add to his difficulties, two of his own MEPs defied his orders and voted to allow the new German Euro-sceptic party (AfD) to join the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) grouping in the Euro parliament of which the Tory party is a leading member.  According to James Kirkup in The Telegraph, all the MEPs concerned were telephoned by Downing Street and told not vote in support of the AfP lest it upset the 'Kaiserin' who might then double down on her support for Mr. Juncker.  At least two of them replied with a Churchillian sign of victory!

All this is a tester for 'Dave' before he enters the quagmire of renegotiating British terms and conditions prior to our referendum in 2017 - assuming he wins the election, that is.  I hope Juncker gets the job and that he takes every chance to do down 'Dave' by way of revenge.  Perhaps then, 'Dim Dave' will truly realize that by and large, with the odd exception, the Europeans detest us and will always be delighted to poke us in the eye with a sharp stick at any opportunity.  Maybe the pain of these rebuffs will finally penetrate through the fog that clogs the space between Dave's ears and force him to face reality.  They don't want us and we don't want them!

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