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By Attireclub @attireclub

The way you look is strongly correlated to the way you feel, but, as well all know, your aspect does not lie only in the clothes you wear and the way you do your hair. The structure you work with is also very important and most people are in the capacity of changing (some more, some less) the way they look. Engaging in working out and sports is always going to have a big impact on your life: you will look and feel differently! Working out and sports are what we like to call “metafashion”, meaning that they are things you do before and after you dress up and which have an important impact on the way you feel and look.

Some guys choose to practice sports, while others want to go to the gym and build their body there, while some, of course enjoy both.

Whichever routine you opt for, it should always be the right one for you: set a goal that is a little more than you can do and always push it forward, but don’t strive for a goal you know is too high from the start.

Some men, however, wish to lose weight or gain muscle but avoid going to the gym. In this article, we will be looking into these things and find solutions for them!

There are many advantages to sports, regardless whether you are working out or playing a sport, but there can also be some disadvantages as well. A lot of men want to become sporty and benefit from what physical activity does for them, but they simply don’t do it. There are several reasons why this happens, and we are not going to tell you that you are lazy, even though some of you actually are. Our motivations sometimes go beyond laziness. For instance, you might be familiar with the cliché of the untoned but very smart nerd. This stereotype, which is often a true one, comes from the fact that there has been a stream of thought a while ago that considered that a cultivated person would only need to cultivate their mind and not spend time on frivolous activities such as playing basketball. It was considered that men who spend time at the gym are stupid and only care about appearance. This is how the stereotype of the stupid athlete appeared and let’s says that it did gather a big following as well. Now we know better and know that this is not true. We know that a sharp mind and a toned body should go hand in hand; as the old Latin saying states: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”).

Of course, if you go to any gym today you will see tons of men simply obsesses with the way they look, taking pictures in the mirror and focusing only on their appearance. Is this something wrong though? To quote the amazing Diana Vreeland, “”I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.” There is nothing wrong with wanting to look great, but if this clouds your vision over other things in life, you should take some measures.

Other men won’t hit the gym simply because they think they are too overweight or too underweight and will feel out of place. There is a solution for that as well and we will discuss it later. It’s interesting how thin men and overweight guys, even though so differentially motivated, feel the same way. Not to bring anyone down, but it is actually a lot easier to lose weight than to gain weight (for those who are naturally thin that is). The fear of feeling out of place is not motivated, but if you give it a try or two and still feel out of place, we can understand that, and there are solutions for that as well. But until then, let’s look at the main benefits of sports and what they can do for you. Remember that being in shape does not mean that you need to look like a bodybuilder or a guy from a gym poster. It simply means to look well and feel great!

Advantages of sports

Working out or doing other types of activities has a lot of advantages and can get you real results, such as:

It improves your look. Engaging in any type of physical activity is more than likely to improve your appearance. It’s rare for someone who is not active to look bad after they have been practicing a sport for a few months or so. Can’t think of any examples, but there must be some!

Going out for a swim can be a huge mood-booster! In fact swimming is one of the few activities that trains all the muscles in your body!

Going out for a swim can be a huge mood-booster! In fact swimming is one of the few activities that trains all the muscles in your body!

It improves your health. Sports are an amazing way to improve your health. They will keep you in shape and improve your immune system as well. If you are a sporty guy you will have stronger and healthier muscles, joints and bones. It is a fact that after a certain age, your bones and muscles will tend to become frailer, but if you don’t quit what you do, you will be healthy and powerful. Older men (and young men as well) can also suffer from a weaker immune system, but to bring it up, one only needs to engage in walking, jogging or cycling. You can’t imagine what walking can do for you in the long term, even if you only walk very little each day!

It helps you sleep. Studies have shown that working out 20-30 minutes three to four times a week will improve the quality of your sleep. It is recommended that you work out in the morning; otherwise you risk being too hyped up to sleep. However, there are exceptions to each rule, so do what you feel I best for you! Practicing a sport or working out will help you fall asleep easier and increases the time you spend in the deepest sleep phase. Your transitions from one phase to another will also be smoother and more regular should you work out or practice sports.

Lifting weights can be a great way to push your limits!

Lifting weights can be a great way to push your limits!

It slows the aging process. Speaking of health, for those of you who want to look and feel younger for a longer time, you should know that sports are a great way to obtain that. Of course, you also need to pay attention to other factors, such as your diet and keeping your mind sharp, but if you won’t be able to move easily will also make you feel sedentary from other points of view as well. Sports actually also improve your memory, reaction time and concentration. Studies have shown that in order to obtain this, you only need to walk for 45 minutes three times a week. Working out for men over 50 is definitely a must, it is never too late to start!

It improves your attitude. We always say that owning good clothes and accessories won’t make you feel better about yourself if you don’t have a good attitude. Many men wonder where this “attitude” comes from. In other articles, we suggested music as a great-attitude source, but sports are one as well. Working out or playing a sport will boost your mental activity, it will lower your anxiety and greaten your confidence level. Speaking of health, sports and attitude, we can also tell you that being in shape also increases your sexual performance, will result in an attitude change as well.

The gym or the field?

Now that we’ve run down the advantages of sports and working out, we want to look at the differences between working out at the gym and playing a sport.

Working out

Working out at the gym is a great way to tone yourself and work exactly the muscles you want or need to. It can be done at any time, in any season and it is also a fun way to meet new people. However, be advised that the gym is not a speed dating place; most people there are simply trying to work out, so don’t engage in too much conversation!  For some guys, lifting weights and running on treadmills together with other people will motivate them and make them feel more engaged, resulting in better outcomes, while others, (especially the two groups we mentioned before: really thin and really heavy-set guys) might feel put down and embarrassed. We can’t tell you how to feel, but we can give you a solution which you can easily put into practice in order to feel better.

Working out at home

Those of you who don’t feel confident enough to hit the gym and don’t have the necessary mindset to overcome this fear by simply facing it over and over again, or simply don’t feel comfortable being around others while exercising, can always work out at home.

You don't necessarily need to be at home or at the gym to exercise. You can use your work-out time to connect with nature as well!

You don’t necessarily need to be at home or at the gym to exercise. You can use your work-out time to connect with nature as well!

This may be actually a better way to start working out than signing up for a gym membership. It really depends, as some guys will simply feel more motivated if they are tied to a membership, while others feel better to do something on their own terms. Working out from home will save you money and for some it will make them concentrate better without all the distractions. It might be hard to keep a schedule in the beginning or to work out regularly, but don’t be too put down by this can re-try whenever you can. Start out with a very small routine. Just a few squats, a few push-ups and so on and you will see that in time (and by time we mean three-four months) you will see results. Once you discover that it is in your power to change, you will be able to feel more comfortable to go to the gym or stick to your schedule at home.

Playing sports

If you are not a work-out kind of guy, you can always opt for playing a sport. Kids should always play sports, never work out at the gym or machines, as they need to develop naturally first and then gain muscles. There are two major types of sports: individual sports and team sports. The choice is, of course, yours, it depends on your personality if you want to practice an individual sport such as tennis, boxing or running (even though tennis and running can be done in teams as well), or a team sport such as soccer, basketball and rugby. The important thing to remember is that you should decide how you want to approach the sport, especially if you are pursuing a team sport. Your team should be on the same page as you: do you do it for fun or for performance; do you have a schedule or just whenever you can? Paying attention to these factors will save you from stress and problems.

The only disadvantage of sports is that in the extreme, they will make you too competitive. This is the case of children especially, who should never be too competitive. Of course, we encourage competitiveness, but you need to stay grounded and realize that the things you do are for your own good, not so you “beat” others. At often times, people who are too obsessed with “winning” will alienate others or become paranoid and aggressive. If you are already paranoid and aggressive, it might be good idea to take it out at the gym!

So whatever your motivation, preference and routine is, sports can definitely improve your attitude! Whether you want to do it as a hobby, for your attitude and life or as a pro, sports are great things and there is no wrong one (even though some are very crazy). Exercising is the complete package: from physical to mental advantages, you will be getting it all, all you need to do is find the right formula.

P.S. Do you have a favorite sport? Do you prefer to work out or play on the field? What motivates you? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to follow us via e-mail or on our social media!

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