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Dealing with an Allergy

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
As I mentioned in my last post, Ellie has a dairy allergy. I think it was about 3 weeks when she was almost inconsolable at night and I knew something was wrong. I took her diaper to the doctor and they tested it to see if there is blood in the stool. There was, which Dr Matthias said meant she had a dairy allergy.
Dealing with an allergy
She told me eliminate all dairy, soy and wheat from my diet. I also decided to eliminate eggs and tree nuts as well, because some of her symptoms seemed to have persisted over the past couple of weeks. Eliminating the food from my diet in addition to the Zantac has helped a lost but it can be hard because one doesn't realize how much food actually has dairy in it. These are the foods I've had to eliminate:
*Milk - duh*butter, yogurt, buttermilk, half and half AND non dairy creamer (it still has dairy remnants)*bread (it has both wheat and dairy), and all bread products so croutons, cookies, pita, etc. 
I started looking at vegetarian stuff because I thought, hey they probably won't use as many dairy products but most of them contain soy and 60% of babies with a dairy allergy also have a soy allergy. So no soy milk, nothing made with soybean oil (ahem, mayonnaise, pam), edamame, tofu and almost every non dairy vegetarian dish. 
Then I was thinking, hey what about paleo - nope because paleo peeps like to substitute with Almond meal a bunch. I'm eliminating tree nuts which is self explanatory but not recipes with almond meal. no almost milk, etc. 
Lastly, I got rid of eggs too. So, what in the heck am I eating? I've actually found a lot of really good things:
Dealing with an allergy
Oatmeal! and although I don't like it, I found the dairy free, soy free chocolate chips that are really good and I add strawberries. So the oatmeal is just a filler so I won't be hungry in like, an hour. For lunch, I typically have a meat or quinoa burger (frozen because I can't cook a ton when you have a baby crying that she's hungry or tired or wants to be held), and some fruit, lots of apples, pineapple, and watermelon. 
I also recently tried this recipe I found on pinterest:
Dealing with an allergyPaleo Chicken Casserole
It was kind of funky, but kind of good. Am I going to rush to make it again, no - does it give me an option of something to make other than plain ole' meat and fruit - yes. 
I've also found Rice Cereal is really good, especially when I add bananas and Rice milk. 
All in all, it hasn't been too bad adjusting, I just have to look at ingredients a lot. In the past, when presented with a very stringent diet, I have balked because I don't like or agree with them, but when I get tempted to eat a crouton with my salad or a Krispy Kreme donut, I remember that this is going to make my baby sick and it helps me control myself. 
I go back to the idea that breastfeeding, while very beneficial for your baby and very rewarding, is hard. I just thought you popped a boob out and bam, baby eats and you're on your way. She has to learn how to latch, then hopefully your supply is right - not too much or too little because both cause issues, she's not allergic to anything in your diet, etc etc etc. It's hard. But it does keep getting easier and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do it because I feel very connected to my baby in a way that is important to me. 
I'll probably be putting some recipes on here because it really is hard to find this stuff, so maybe it'll help :)

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