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DD4L: Dianna 'Miss D.' Williams Made a Sex Tape? (EXPLICIT VIDEO)

Posted on the 31 August 2015 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Well, I can't help but to blame all of this on a commenter of the Funky Dineva blog. I was minding my own business. LOL. When I got a notification that the Doll served up some more tea, so I ran over to get me a cup. I always hit the comments because they are EVERYTHING! (Funky Dineva: Fan Mail: miss D) I go to the comments, and one person says, 'oh we already know about the sex tape'. (Insert Piqued Interest Here). I'm not trying to taking away from anything she is doing in the present, I think she is awesome. The Dancing Dolls are amazing. I heard her say on the show that she has a 'dancer' background. She said nothing about making porn, and if she did, I didn't hear it. No shade but Miss D could've made a career either way! So me being the person I am headed to do my investigative thing, and lo and behold, its kind of blurry, but umm... YOU be the judge... WOOMP! Here it is....

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