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Day 3

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi

Day 3 - GBV WomenYesterday, we traveled to Gisenyi which is on the edge of the country, about a 1 mile from the Congo border. We drove through the mountains which were absolutely gorgeous. We also visited the Noel orphanage which has 600 children! It was amazing - all of the kids came up and hugged us, held our hands, walked with us. They told us their names and although there is a language barrier there, they really just want to be near you. The rooms where they sleep are quite stinky, one in particular smells like urine. But they do a very good job with the resources they have and all of them are happy children. We then visited the women with HIV and the medical clinic. We talked to them and they gave us a bracelet that they make. They use old calendars to make beads and sell them to Muzungus  - white people. I am fully embracing the language here, it’s so fun. Today, we spent a whole day with the women. The language barrier made it tough to speak to them, other than the few words I have learned, but just helping them make these beads was amazing. I loved it even though my back was hurting. I think we’re going to spend a week doing this, travel back to Kigali and then take a trip to a rain forest to see the chimps. The last week, we will spend in Gisimba, the orphanage. The people here are so friendly. When they greet you, they will say welcome or hello, but if you respond, Muraho, or hello, they will smile and be so happy. The main things I have learned so far are Muraho - hello, Murabeho - goodbye for a long time, mirwe - see you soon, murakoze - thank you, mwana - baby, mwiza -beautiful, ni meza - i’m good. The lady told me today that I was beautiful which I thought was so nice! I’m actually very sad that I have to come back so soon. 2 weeks seemed like a long time before I left, but now, it seems so short. Maybe i’ll win the lottery and I can come back for longer. I am very glad that I chose Rwanda over Kenya and Ghana because the people here are so friendly, and Angel, are house guide, says that they are not like that in Kenya. I’ll have more later! Mirwe!

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