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Day 1 - Denver

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
So this is what's going on right now
Day 1 - DenverIt's snowing!!!!!!
Being from South Carolina, this doesn't happen often so it's kind of fun! And it's Jane's birthday! So we're going to make pancakes and drink hot chocolate. And play with this little booger butt
Yesterday, when Jane picked us up from the airport, we decided to tour Denver, since the rest of the time will be in Longmont/Boulder. Denver was interesting, a lot different than I thought. 
1) it's near the mountains but not in them. It's super flat here.
Day 1 - DenverThis was me trying to take a pic while Jane drove - but they looked so pretty!

2) I know Denver is a big city, but I guess in my mind, I was thinking it'd be like, quaint or something. But, it's just a big city. 
Day 1 - DenverLarimer Street at a little cafe with some delish desserts
Day 1 - Denver
Day 1 - Denver
Day 1 - Denver

Day 1 - Denverthe German Christmas Fair! It was super German
Day 1 - DenverI like the little domes in the background
Day 1 - Denverthe Capitol building and my husband's ear

Day 1 - Denvera statue& I have no idea what it signify's. I'm thinking it's a wild west thing

Day 1 - Denverthe Civic Center - they were getting the tree lighting ceremony ready

Day 1 - DenverOccupy Denver - it was going to be in the teens and snowing this night, so bless them

Day 1 - Denverdriving out of Denver - pretty neat - but see how flat

So that was our experience. And then we got to play with Lola more. 
Day 1 - Denver
Day 1 - Denver
Day 1 - Denver
Day 1 - DenverBroncos stadium

Day 1 - Denver
Day 1 - Denver
Day 1 - Denvershe likes James a lot

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