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Dave Humiliated by "fruit Cases, Nutters and Closet Racists"

By Davidduff
Only one extra thing from the Eastleigh by-election might have caused my champagne flute to overflow and that would have been a UKIP win.  Still, I'll settle for them taking second and grinding Dave's nose into the mud of third place.  This ineffably stupid, ex-PR man, stuffed as he is with what he believes to be his sophisticated metro opinions, deserves the humiliation which will follow the Eastleigh result.  The party he described as a bunch of "fruit cases, nutters and closet racists" has beaten him despite the Tory party throwing everything they had at the campaign including, not one, but two personal visits from Dave himself.  The voters of Eastleigh have just tipped a bucket of offal over his dim-witted head but such is his smug certitude that I doubt he even notices.  However, the rest of his party will take note, particularly all those Tory MPs sitting on low majorities, and even those with comfortable majorities will now realize that they have no chance of forming a Tory government in 2015.  This year's Tory party conference could prove to be very interesting - if blood sports are your thing!

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