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Damn You Vodka, Damn You....

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good afternoon Beautiful,Unfortunately I believe I will be bed ridden today… no workouts for me. I don’t think going to the gym, and becoming even more dehydrated is a good idea given my current state. We’ve had last night planned for a while now, well since Wednesday. We had a couple of my friends over (Marina, Ali) and Marina brought a friend of hers as well, whose name is also Sarah. We had a few drinks at our condo, and we all went to Skybar. It’s a rooftop bar right on the waterfront on Lakeshore/Jarvis (above Government). Ali’s boyfriend is a DJ (google Never Not House…) and he was DJing at Skybar last night (click here to see pictures of the bar!) so we got in with no line and no cover which is always a bonus. The thing with this bar is that you get frisked before you go in. I’ve only ever had this happen to me once before, and it’s always awkward because I wear an insulin pump as you know. When the woman got to my “breast area” she felt my pump and I had to explain that I was not hiding a gun in my bra, that it was actually just a medical device. It’s always a touch embarrassing for a few moments, but then I got a drink.And then I got another drink...And then I got another drink…

Damn You Vodka, Damn You....

Ali, Sarah, Marina, Me (I'm wearing flats, they're all in HUGE

You see where this is going. Thinking back to last night, I probably should have been a bit smarter about the whole thing. I haven’t had carbs all week although I did have carbs last night pre-drinking in anticipation of drinking. Earlier in the day however, I found myself a bit dehydrated (I get paranoid when my pee is dark yellow… it creeps me out, it’s also how I judge how hydrated I am… TMI? Sorry.) from sunbathing in the morning and just my lack of water consumptionin general yesterday. So anyways the point is that I should have paced myself better. I paced myself quite well when we were drinking here, but the little dinky drinks they give you at the bar go down fairly fast. A lot faster than they should.
So anyways, once Ali’s boyfriend got on stage to start DJing, we all got wrist bands to go on the stage, and we got bottle service, which made things a lot worse than they already were. The drinks were unbelievably strong and there came a point in the night, where I set my drink down and told CB I just needed to go. You know when you hit that point, and you just know it’s time to leave? I knew it instantly. We said our goodbyes, left the bar, got a hot dog and apparently Jamaican food (I don’t remember this) and went home. Now, it didn’t just go like this. I got a hot dog and usually I’m so in love with my hot dog when I have it, not last night. I gave it to CB in the cab and told him I didn’t want it. Between being silly drunk and my body being SO sore from the Kettlebell class yesterday, I remember just not wanting to hold onto the hot dog. Wow.So today, I haven’t left the bed. I need to shower because we need to do groceries, but I don’t think I can walk to the shower let alone be in a huge store full of foods that I just DO NOT want to eat right now. I figure I’ll make some use out of my bed time and write a blog post, watch New Years Eve (on a side note, it’s so much fun watching this movie because it’s filmed in Manhattan, and I just saw the TGIFridays that we are at on one of our last days there…. I miss Manhattan), catch up on some social media that I’ve been slacking on and try to get this blog out there and more people reading it.

Damn You Vodka, Damn You....

My friend Jonny and I last year... at Justin's
Pride Party... Beach theme!

I’ve also been thinking about my workouts coming up this week. This week I have beach volleyball on Monday and Tuesday night. It’s the first week we play 6’s in our summer league on Monday, and it’s our last game of spring 4’s on Tuesday. I’m kind of sad that it’s our last game of 4’s because we were getting really good as a team. I hope we continue to play with our team, because we work really well together. But what about all the other days? What workouts am I going to do? Usually when I play volleyball I also workout during my lunch. This week I’m in the office every single day so that means I can work out EVERY DAY this week! And I will need to double up on the workouts maybe because this coming weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year, Pride weekend.
I’ve attended Pride for the past 5 years. My friend Alyssa (the one getting married who had the bridal shower that I went to) has a brother who hosts a huge pride party every year (this is his 7th time) and everyyear it gets better and better. Last year I took CB to his party and it was a beach theme, Mirage I believe was the technical term, and he had his back yard filled with sand, he had a fire dancer and to top it off, he had a ton of food but he had… wait for it…. Candied bacon. Seriously. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried in your life. It’s basically small pieces of bacon covered in a candy coating. It’s so hard to explain, but I hope the bacon makes another appearance this year.
This year’s theme is “Hot Mess” so I plan on wearing a lot of sequins and glitter. I ordered a bronze sequined mini skirt off of eBay last week so it should arrive this week (I’m screwed if it doesn’t…) so I just need to figure out what to wear on top, how to do my makeup and figure out how to get my hair as big and crazy as possible. Last year after this party I remember being in McDonalds at 5am…. It was intense.Anyways, I’m going to attempt to crawl to the shower, and possibly find something to eat, which might be hard unless I get my butt to the grocery store. Damn you vodka, damn you.Stay sweet.

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