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Daisy's Milkbar

By Takeeatfoodblog
Petersham welcomes a new cute little cafe to the neighbourhood, fitted with a pink front door, rainbow booths and pastel coloured decor. You definitely get a 1950's milkbar vibe once you step in. There is even a mini candy bar! The place is quite small and it did fill up quite quickly when my friend and I were there. We were given a seat at the window, where we could look out onto the road (not much of a view).
The menu is limited but what is on the menu is a selection of hearty, home- style food- as in dishes like mac n cheese, jaffles, sandwiches etc. I wasn't too impressed with the menu and my friend did make a point saying she eats out and orders dishes that she wouldn't be able to make at home. We ended up ordering jaffle, which is a toasted sandwich with beans and cheese inside, mac n cheese and a pulled pork sandwich. It was a very filling and cheap meal! It did take a while for the food to come out but they brought out all three dishes at once. Picture
Mac n Cheese
The mac n cheese was pretty standard, it basically taste like the ones you stick in the microwave. Obviously, mac n cheese can't be any different so I'm happy with what was given to us.
'The Harry' Jaffle
The jaffle was also pretty standard, once again you can't really get it wrong or make it any different than what it is. I feel that maybe a bit more creativity could of been put into it. There was also too much cheese put into it so it was very overpowering and does get quite hard to stomach towards the last few bites.
Picture Picture
Pulled pork sandwich
I absolutely love pulled pork and I guess my expectations of pulled pork sandwiches is very high. I felt that the coleslaw that was put with the pulled pork sandwich had a really strange tangy taste to it, I'm not too sure what the sauce was but I felt that it ruined the overall taste of the sandwich for me. However, my friend really enjoyed it and she's not the biggest fan of pulled pork!
Picture Picture Picture
Lime Milkshake
The lime milkshake was a big disappointment, it actually tasted like soap/ detergent and because I paid for it I forced myself to finish it. I don't think milkshakes should have fruit flavouring, maybe it was just bad luck with this drink.
Vanilla Milkshake
Picture Picture Overall, I can definitely see Daisy's Milkbar making a great name for itself especially with its quirky and colourful decor/ concept. Their food is hearty and it is definitely made with care and love. I hope to see their menu grow and be a little bit more creative but otherwise I think they are off to a great start!

Happy eating x

Disclaimer: This review is only my personal opinion and experience of/at the restaurant, this review is not intended to damage the reputation of the restaurant. Daisy's Milkbar on Urbanspoon

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