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Daily Stuff: Wednesday

By Athomewithcat

Daily Stuff: Wednesday

::  Outfit  ::

Top  ::  basic black tank, basic charcoal gray pullover

Bottom  ::  (Pink) yoga pants

Shoes  ::  (Avia) runners

Jewelry  ::  diamond solitaire studs

Exercise  ::  Stationary Bike (40 minutes)


Another pull your hair back get to work kinda day!

I spent most of the morning & afternoon working on a the first stages of a website.  I got so involved this morning that I forgot to eat breakfast.  I don’t recommend doing that but once I sink my teeth into a project…you won’t see me for hours.  I get blissfully lost in what I’m doing. 

  Thank goodness Blaine came home for lunch or I would have kept right on.  Eventually, around 4 ish, I would wonder why my stomach was growling. 

After lunch, I hopped on the bike in hopes of clearing my head a bit, showered and went right back at it.  That is just how I am.

I did manage to get all the Christmas decorations boxed up and put away as well.  Did I mention I like to multitask?


Planning a Downton Abbey Party here on Sunday.  Just a few close girlfriends, lots of yummy food and 2 hours of Downton!  I saw a tweet on Twitter the other day where someone asked what was Downton Abbey.  Not sure if they were kidding or not but surely they have heard of the show?  Right?!  O.0

Speaking of tweets.  A lot of them have been about new year resolutions:  bucket lists, ideas of what to do and some non-resolutions resolutions.  One person mentioned that it was too much pressure and would rather just show the results.  I like that idea but I also like listing or speaking out my intentions for 2013.  Some things I will accomplish and some I won’t – and that’s okay.  The one or two that don’t get checked off the list may start a discovery or journey into something completely different.  Gotta love that!

That is pretty much it for this day.

xo Cat

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