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Daily Stuff: Monday

By Athomewithcat

I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday!  We had a busy one that went by way too fast.

Cinnamon Rolls

White Bread

Blaine has been busy baking in the kitchen today.  He made cinnamon rolls (we apparently needed more sweets dontcha know) and white bread.  The bread finished baking just in time for dinner – green pea soup with ham!  Mmm mmm!  Is there anything better than bread right out of the oven?  Just add some butter and you have yourself a slice of heaven right there!

Daily Stuff: Monday

::  Outfit  ::

Top  ::  (Forever 21) tank, (Danskin) jersey

Bottom  ::  (Target/Mossimo) yoga pants

Jewelry  ::  diamond stud earrings, silver heart charm bracelet, (Claire’s) watch


Today was a definitely a casual day.  I spent most of the morning locating the Christmas decorations around the house and collecting them on the dining room table.  I am hoping we can do the same with the tree later on.  Traditionally, one is supposed to wait until the day after Epiphany but this girl is ready to clean up and get the new year started!

Despite all of the goodies we had this past week (2 apple pies, 2 pumpkin pies, 1 lemon cream pie (gift from a neighbor) and 1 Black Forest Cake) along with the turkey, ham and all the sides – I enjoyed everything but in moderation.  When I hopped on the scale this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had lost 1 pound since last week.

This inspired me to go for a walk by the river and take the dogs – much more fun that way.  Ellie went first and then Otis and Anna together.  It is near impossible to take all 3 at the same time.  All training they had goes right out the window.  All in all, I walked 2 1/2 miles – brisk pace with some light jogging.

Anyone thinking about their new year resolutions?  Do you have a list started? 

Working on mine and will share on the sidebar later on.

I pray that everyone has a year filled with blessings!

Happy New Year!

xo Cat

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