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Daily Stuff: 12.21.12

By Athomewithcat

 I’m here!  Just busy as a little bee!  Daily Stuff:  12.21.12

Daily Stuff:  12.21.12

Daily Stuff:  12.21.12

My brother and his wife will be arriving here tomorrow evening and my daughter and her boyfriend on Monday.  I have been cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  Nothing like having company to get your house clean! 


I woke up this morning sore all over which tells me I need to get my hind end in the gym.  I have lost 4 pounds since cutting back on my sugar.  After the holidays, I will work off the giggly bits with more than just a 40 minute bike ride.

We are still going back and forth to Carolyn’s place.  Last week I pulled a muscle in my back while pulling stuff out of her attic.  Ewww that just makes me so mad.  I don’t have time for this!  I got things to do!

I think part of it was a bit of stress.  Not with my family visiting but with another situation we are dealing with.  I’m not sure how much I want to go into it just yet.  It is still a bit too close to the surface and wish to keep my comments forward moving.  But…I gotta tell ya!  These people are not helping!  It’s about all I can to do to bite my tongue.  While “the situation” was there, I had to walk away and hide out in the barn for a few minutes so that I would not say something I would later regret.  It is almost to the point of it being necessary and when I say it, it will be direct and very much to the point.  There will be no misunderstanding when I get through.

For now, it is best to walk away, keep my cool and remember grace.

On a more positive note…we bought a piece of property this week!  We submitted an offer, there was a counter offer (to be expected) and we accepted.  The closing should be mid January.  Then…the fun part begins.  Lots of renovations to the building and some pretty cool future plans.  More on that later.

Daily Stuff:  12.21.12

::  Outfit  ::

Top  ::  (Thrift/Gap) sweater (Thrift/Mark Alan) leather jacket

Bottom  ::  (Local/Levi’s) jeans

Shoes  ::  (Target/Merona) mules

Accessories  ::  (Thrift) belt, (Thrift/Cashmink/V.Fraas) scarf

Jewelry  ::  (JCP) silver hoop earrings, (JCP) XOXO watch, silver heart charm bracelet, (Local) silver forks bracelet

Fragrance  ::  Chanel No. 5


For the next few days I will be hanging out with my family!  Y’all have a Very Merry Christmas!  I will try and post on Twitter ( or Instagram ( or both.  If you are on either one, let me know and I will be sure to follow you!

Much Love, Cat

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