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Cuteness Alert: Three Queensland Animals That Will Make You Smile

By Juliet Siu @Lacenruffles

Does a daily dose of awwh lighten your day and elevate your mood, teasing your smile to re-appear as a bad work week winds down and the afternoon commute undulates slowly along at a Turtles pace? Cute cat pics and adorable puppy poses litter our social media feeds, building up a growing rapport with animals. Take a day and schedule a break from the usual weekend tracks, there are five animals in Queensland that will have you on the edge of your cuteness scale, tipping into capital letters and quick snaps to send friends, family or anybody out there needing a wildlife pick-me-up.

The Squirrel Glider

The Squirrel Glider

These open woodland dwellers will soon glide rings around your heart, with their inquisitive little noses and thick bushy tails. A close relative of the famous Sugar Glider, they differ in physical appearance, as the Squirrel glider has been blessed with a longer face and narrow, high-reaching ears. All the better to hear you with! Don’t be fooled by this bundle of energy, small creatures can accomplish big feats, as Squirrel Gliders can “fly” up to 90m, from perch to perch. If you’d like to walk on the wild side (completely) Squirrel Gliders can be found in the tropical ranges of Southern Queensland, Brisbane City (they’re born adventurers!) and various wildlife parks.

The Koala


The iconic, cuddly Koala is widely acknowledged as being a favorite with locals and visitors, though well intentioned guests often confuse this marsupial for a bear derivative. Kangaroos and Koalas share a distant cousin somewhere down the line, both species carrying young in a warm, snuggly pouch and feeding on delicious native vegetation. Unlike the Kangaroo however, the Koala sleeps like a teenager, only rising to munch on fragrant Eucalyptus leaves some time after midday, when the sun is lower in the sky, sizzling and bright, though losing some heat as dusk approaches.

The Brolga


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If winged wonders are more your thing, the Brolga may not be conventionally cute, but the red plumage and stately appearance will no doubt leave you in raptures. The only species of crane Australia can call its own, the lanky, long-legged coastal bird can be found in colonies along the Queensland coastline, preferring the comfort and coverage of grasslands or regional swamps. The impressive wing-span no doubt comes in handy when the Brolga community starts to play up to each other; humans use chat up lines, ply their love interests with drinks and conversation, before getting up the courage to ask for a second date or dance. Brolgas, on the other hand, just go straight to the dancing, twirling and jumping around each before they go back to her place for coffee.

To get a quick cuteness fix or share your delectable animal exploits online, join the community and add, browse or delight of the folders of frown melting moments, jump on to Instagram and follow these furry animal stars:

Real Grumpy Cat


Bukley The Hedgehog



Snoopy Babe


You’ll feel happier almost straight away, we promise. With faces and ears like those, how could you not?

This guest post is written by the lovable Jessica Hannah. 

Jessica is a wondrous word-fairy, flitting between the files of the World Wide Web and expanding an over-flowing bucket-list. She lives in Brisbane with one man-shaped companion and enjoys writing, travelling, yelling at the TV and collecting the memories of other people. Connect with Jess on Google +.

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