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Criminal and Gang Tattoos to Avoid

By Urtatu @urtatu
Criminal and Gang Tattoos to Avoid Criminal and Gang Tattoos to Avoid

Criminal and Gang Tattoos to Avoid

Due to the increasingly popular tattoo culture in the United States and Canada a lot of people are getting tattooed daily, but what they don’t know that it might get them in trouble. Why? The answer is that the US and Canadian border control agencies have now adopted a tattoo reference book to deal with criminal having Gang tattoos.

The reference book as they say may be for your own protection but still it can affect an average normal citizen with a tattoo. How? If u have a tattoo that looks like or even infringes a gang or a criminal organization tattoo in the so called text book. Trust me you will get busted.

Tattooed Man Getting Busted Criminal and Gang Tattoos to Avoid

Tattooed Man Getting Busted

Some Common criminal tattoos include single cat tattoo (thief), multiple cat tattoo (thief gang), hand tomcat (good luck for thief who hates the law), three dotted tattoo (prison time), popular Russian prison tattoos and the Asian gang tattoos.

We have also seen some celebrities like the front man of Maroon 5, Mr. Adam Levine have those Russian prison tattoos but he is a famous man he can have it just for fun but a common man cannot.

Adam Levine Russian Prison Tattoo Criminal and Gang Tattoos to Avoid

Adam Levine Russian Prison Tattoo

Tattoo artists who are in the business for over a decade say that they do what they are told to with no questions asked. But still they claim to never have worked on a gang tattoo on anyone. Well that’s funny because why would criminals come to them and give their gang identity away if they are doing anything wrong at the first place.

We advise our readers to do a research before getting a tattoo ever. As we have always said, “Think before you ink”. So please save yourself a lot of trouble and take a look again at what you are about to get.

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