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Creating Your Personal Natural Medicine Cabinet

Posted on the 23 March 2012 by Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Creating Your Personal Natural Medicine Cabinet

Today, the thrust of the new studies in the field of medicine and related fields is more on harvesting the potential of natural materials, like plants,  to alleviate if not cure human diseases and ailments. This has led to the widespread introduction of natural remedies or herbal medicines worldwide.  Together with natural remedies is the rise in the popularity of alternative medicine like acupuncture. Herbal medicines and supplements are now regarded  highly in the population. In Canada, more and more people, as much as 70%, are becoming convinced of the efficacy of these remedies. Around 55% of the  Canadian population even chose herbal remedies over prescription or over the counter drugs thinking these have better effect in their health. Canadians  are confident on the effectiveness of herbal remedies, 41% of them consider these as effective as that of the drugs prescribed by doctors. The number of  those that already utilize these remedies is observed at around 32%. There are hundreds of herbs and herbal remedies available these days, here are some  common herbal remedies for some common and minor human complaints that can help one build his/her own natural medicine cabinet at home.

Herbal Remedies for Migraine Headaches:

Having a headache or migraine can be the most common complaint that we human experience, though the severity may vary the discomfort it can bring us is  constant.  If you have a constant or periodic bouts, chances are high that the prescription or over the counter drug no longer work for you. Thus it is  very beneficial if you try some of the herbal remedies claimed to alleviate headaches. Among these are the herbs butterbur and feverfew as well as small  amount of the mineral magnesium. Or you can also try alternative medicine like acupuncture.

Insomnia & Sleep Disturbances

:For sleep disorder, one herbal med that has become popular in use is valerian. This plant has been in use from ancient time till now. It was able to  stand the test of time that can somewhat tell of its effectivity. Though studies on valerian are not yet conclusive, its non addictive and less hangover  effect than prescription drugs have been very advantageous to its users.  A good alternative to valerian is melatonin. This is actually a natural hormone  produced by the body that primarily functions to regulate the wake and sleep cycles. The secretion of this hormone increases at night preparing the body  to sleep.

Dermatitis & Eczema:

Dermatitis or eczema are also common problems for human. A good alternative to the expensive over the counter and prescription drug for this disorder is  gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a fatty acid present in vegetable oil that has been shown capable of preventing and lessening inflammation. Taking in food  supplements with GLA contents can cut down the signs and symptoms of eczema. The mixture of fatty acid in Celadrin has been found effective either taken  orally or applied topically.

Ginger – Gingerols – Highly Effective Herbal Remedies:

Ginger is not only a good spice, it can also serve as a relief for dizziness, motion sickness, morning sickness, nausea, colic and other gastrointestinal  disturbances. The active compound present in ginger that is responsible for its action is gingerols which is known for its strong anti-inflammatory  effect.

Bananas Simple Relief for Chronic Constipation:

In case of diarrhea as well as constipation. The usual natural remedy recommended are bananas. The high pectin content of this fruit serves as a soluble  fiber capable of reverting back the normal bowel movements to its natural condition. In severe form of diarrhea, massive excretion can lead to  dehydration that is in turn very dangerous to the body since it can lead to electrolyte insufficiency and imbalance. One important electrolyte that can  be supplied by bananas is potassium which on the other hand is very vital on the normal functioning of the heat muscles.

Summary of the Role & Powers of Natural Medicines & Herbs:

Natural medicines are good alternatives in curing disorders. It is however very important that one verifies all information available before using to  ensure its effectiveness and safeness.

Sylvia Morelos

Sylvia is a bi-lingual health care provider fluent in both English & Spanish who has great expertise in care and relief from eczema and rashes that just won’t go away .  Rashes that just won’t go away perhaps may be Morgellons Disease and should be checked out by your preferred health care professional

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