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Cousins | Merry Christmas with Love 2012

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

Could not resist posting this.  I gifted the girl cousins who come after me with the Love wire bracelet I blogged about a few posts back…and behind my back with love they volted in on Instagram.


Cousin blogs – Clockwise starting from lower left (red sleeve):“Kiana Vee Almost Daily”, “Under My UmbrElla”, “Ordinarily Special (Tahnee)”, “Livin’ the Life (Gabriela) , “Strange I am (Kara)“ , not in photo ->”Tease Your Toes (Stella)”

Cousins | Merry Christmas with Love 2012

Gab, Tahn, Kara, Kiana (Ella & Stella not here)

Note this, practically all of these girls blog so I’m linking to them for your reading pleasure and simply because as the eldest ate of 29 cousins I’m super proud and love them to bits.  One of the cousins who I also gave a Love wire bracelet to who is not in the photo is Stella, a budding young lady whose hand is not here but I’ll include a link to her blog as well ‘coz quite frankly…practically everything in it is amazing, and I can guarantee, considering she’s only almost 14, that you will be floored.  All these young women will make you sick with smiles and positivity with their musings, joy, and faithful insights and they’ll practically drag the happy out of you so I encourage you guys to give their pages a visit.  Merry Christmas!!  I pray most of you spent Christmas with your families as I did.  Today was such an awesome Christmas…I’ll be coming up with something special using the footage I took today.  Hopefully I can squeeze it in before New Year.

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