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Posted on the 16 December 2011 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting


Your business has a cornerstone, a base to stand on.

What is your cornerstone, is it defined, do you have one?

Yes business can exist without the cornerstone and many have, my point is that it is not advisable to exist without one.


Start your cornerstones narrative, take out a pen and paper and start writing about what your business does, sells or manufactures.  That narrative and mantra is your business base, your cornerstone.  There is power in determining what makes your business stand out.

Once your cornerstone narrative is written and ready, tell everybody everywhere – share this new found power.

Successful business delivers. Successful business is accessible; it’s your goal to be known everywhere your customers are.

My point is, you need to deliver, be accessible and be known everywhere your customers are. Why are you waiting to use Google Plus for social media?

Start NOW, use Google Plus, set up a personal profile then create a Google Plus page.

Google + is intended to be a conglomeration of Google products including search that ties people together across all of Google  You may already use Gmail, Google search and Google Maps.

Content on Google + is more likely to be visible for people to notice.  Incorporating the +1 button on your website or if you’ve incorporated it into other network pages it makes G+ all the more captivating.

Of course there are other places to exist on the web, such as a website, Facebook, Twitter and Google Places for example. Those should be leveraged to broadcast your content also, that’s a whole other topic.

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