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Copa Colombia #3: Castaneda and Parra

Posted on the 10 May 2013 by Worldxcmtb @worldxcmtb

(google translate)3rd round of the Copa Colombia in Geneva, a beautiful town on the banks of the mountains of Valle del Cauca. The track is one of the most beautiful of the Copa Colombia even though the rains that have fallen incessantly ravaged much of the work done by the organizers, with streams that have formed on the track.
Despite this, the races were held even if the traits to walk were many.
09:30 off with the Elite men with Fabio Castaned and Homan Villaraga to delight audiences in downhill stretches where the skill of the riders made the difference. The majority of runners traveling along many stretches on foot. The race is run on regular with Fabio Castaneda went to ride around on the increase of Holman Villaraga, winning the race. Third place went to Marcus Aurelius Rincon.
In the women's race victory for Angela Parra ahead Laura Abril and Xiomara Guerrero.

Results, MAN:
1. Fabio Castañeda - GW Shimano Hutchinson
2. Holman Villarraga - Cannondale- Markopolo-Iron Horse - Bogota
3. Marco Aurelio Rincón - Cundinamarca

Results, WOMAN:
1. Ángela Parra - Giant Maxxis - Bogotá
2. Laura Abril - Strong Sports Cannondale - Bogotá
3. Xiomara Guerrero - Specialized Tugo

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