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Comics ~ Reading Wednesday

By Laura @BEBookworm

So lately, I’ve been really into comic books. I’ve always dabbled. I had the books of the other Serenity series from Dark Horse and a couple of The Walking Dead books. Recently I’ve been going to my local comic book store (Silver Snail) every Wednesday for new comic book day. It’s now a ritual that on Wednesday, for lunch, I go get my comics, grab some DavidsTea and get a deluxe falafel from Milo’s. It’s bliss, I tell ya, bliss.

This week I had quite a haul and I even had some in my hand that I put back for one reason or another. I’m happy with my purchases though. Here they are:

She-Hulk #3


I have been really enjoying this new She-Hulk series. She’s a butt-kicking superhero, plus she runs her own law firm. What an amazing role model for girls!

Veil #2


I picked up the first Veil on a whim and I liked it. When I got to Silver Snail today, I didn’t see it with the other new comics. I glanced over the boxes that were out, which included a list of the new comics and it was on there. I asked the owner, George Zotti, who was happening by, about it and he took a look and told me they must be sold out, but he’d go check. A moment later he comes back with it in his hands. Yes! He told me it was set aside for the reviewer, but it’s mine now! I’m not sure if the reviewer got to look at it or not.

Angel & Faith Season 10 #1


It’s weird, I know, but I bought this comic having no intention of reading it. Not yet anyways. I have only recently started in on the Buffy Comics, but since this is the first issue of Season 10, I wanted to get it for when I get caught up. I did the same with the first issue of Season 10 for BTVS and haven’t read that yet either.

Itty Bitty Hellboy


I really only got this one because it’s only $1 and the cover is cute as hell. Pun intended.

Edgar Allen Poe’s The Premature Burial


I got this one-shot comic because I’m a big Poe fan. Looks pretty neat.

This week’s collection makes it look like I only read Dark Horse! Actually, yeah I read a lot of Dark Horse comics since they also put out Serenity and Tomb Raider. Other Marvel series I read are Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and Dexter. For some reason I haven’t read many DC comics. That could change though.


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