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Come on Ladies, Come on Ladies, One Pound Earrings

By Megan91 @Little_norris91
Terrible pun I know! But it's OK just ignore it Here's another set of bargain buys from EverOurs, I swear I've fallen in love with that shop! I can't seem to go on their website without finding at least one thing I want. The other day was no exception where, I found these on there for £1, yes one pound! I saw them and died, they are perfect, and I don't usually wear earrings. They usually hurt my ears and I take them off half way through the day, but these are not painful at all. For some reason they do not irritate my ears, which is amazing. 
Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound earrings
I was a bit hesitant in buying them, as I wasn't sure what effect they would have on my sensitive ears, but I thought what the heck they're a pound! So when they came through the post, in the beautiful pink tissue paper I've come to know and love, I instantly put on the black triangle scull ones on, and didn't want to take them off. It felt odd wearing earrings seeing as I never do but I got used to them, and even forgot they were there. Only remembering when my boyfriend, commented about them being a nice change from my usual, no earring state. 
Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound earrings
I then wore these gold triangle ones on a night out and I just love how they are simple but effective. The gold looks really nice against my ginger hair, next time I think I'll wear my hair up with these as they need to be shown off! 
Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound earrings
These earrings are really versatile, as you can wear them with a casual outfit, to give it the extra edge, or you could wear these with a nice evening dress to give it a bit of character. (Not that I ever have anywhere to go in a evening dress; but a girl can dream!)x

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