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Colorbar Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review

By Philamazan @philamazan
Colorbar Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review I really needed a good stippling brush to smoothen out my bb creams/foundations.So i got Colorbar Duo Fiber Stippling Brush for Rs.1000.I've been using this this for almost 6 months now and here comes the final verdict.Is it worth the money?Colorbar Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review
 PACKAGE-It has a long silver gray handle which gives good grip.The brush as the name suggest is duo fiber.It is synthetic.The bristles are soft and dense.The black bristles are shorter than the white ones.It blends bb creams/foundations very well to give a flawless finish.Looks like a dupe of MAC 187.HOW I USE IT?Dot the bb creams/foundations all over the face and gentle dab with this brush.And blend in light circular motion to get airbrush finish.Can also be used for Blushes and highlighters (though i've never tried it for those purposes)Colorbar Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review For the first 1 month i was pretty impressed because it did the job well and there was no shedding.But after a couple of months and washing every 10-14 days it started shedding like crazy.The shedding doesn't stop even though i use Sephora brush cleanser in days when i don't wash it.You can see from the picture below the amount of bristles it sheds per wash.And to say this is just a segment.Takes really long to dry.Colorbar Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review I am very disappointed with this brush and now i dread using it because everytime i use it there are stray bristles on my face!!!It is lying there in my vanity case hopelessly.I don't even want to throw it away.Maybe i'll use it for cleaning my laptop keyboard.And that is a very sad ending to a happy love affair.To think this is from their professional brush range is disappointing.I would suggest my readers to stay away from this brush and invest in some other products.Colorbar Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review

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