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Colorado Springs in Danger from Wildfires

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This is a really nasty one developing. The city of Colorado Springs in the US is being threatened by one of several wildfires that have sprung up in the Rocky Mountains in the past week. Up to 36,000 people have been evacuated from their homes as the fire gets dangerously close to the city and President Obama has declared a national emergency. As always, the planets are highlighting this situation in the heavens above us.

Colorado Springs fires

Of course right now we have the Uranus Pluto square which is creating a climate for all sorts of disasters to happen, Uranus provides the unexpected nature of these events to occur and Pluto adds death, destruction and regeneration. I think of Pluto as like a wildfire, coming along and wiping out all in it’s path so that new growth can start. At the moment we have a nasty t-square involving the Sun, and this adds fuel to the fire, so to speak.

Any  incident in the world at the moment is going to be connected to this square and the Colorado Springs fires are another example. Look at the pointer (in gold) aimed directly at Uranus from Mars and Saturn. Saturn is hardship and Mars is force, or in this case fire and heat (Mars rules fire) and both these two planets are in focused quindecile aspect, like a laser beam of energy burning into Uranus. Add in a sextile from expansive Jupiter allowing the situation to spread and get out of control and we have a major incident on our hands.

Mars Sirius

There is one other point I want to add. All incident like these fires need a spark to set them off. A couple of days ago on 27th June for the latitude of Colorado Springs 39 degrees North, Mars connected in paran relationship with the star Sirius which sits in the constellation of Canis Major, culminating at the Midheaven as Sirius was setting (see above). Sirius is a huge bright star commonly known as the “Scorcher” or one who burns. Brady says of the connection that is brings “Heat, politically, socially or even meteorologically”. I hope the people of Colorado Springs who are now feeling that heat all stay safe… 

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