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Colonel Gaddafi Captured and Killed by Libyan Rebel Forces

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Reports out this afternoon say that Colonel Muammar Al-Gaddafi was captured by the Libyan Rebel forces, then shot in the legs and the head. This news does not surprise me. Back in August on this blog, I predicted that the end of October would be the end of the line for Libya’s fallen dictator. I am pleased for the Libyan people as now they will have closure. I hope that they can go on to make their homeland a peaceful and successful country.

I am reposting what I wrote back in August explaining the timeline as I then saw it for the endgame for the battle for Libya and the continuing hunt for their leader.

***Posted 11th Aug 2011***

It has been a long battle but as the rebel forces approach the outskirts of Libya’s capital city Tripoli, the end is surely nigh for Colonel Gaddafi’s rule of the country. A quick look at the current transits against the natal chart of Libya show the battle for the country is approaching the end game.

Libya transits

There are fierce battles going on right now as the rebel army approaches the Libyan capital and these are shown by transiting Mars which is conjunct to the natal Uranus. Mars is passing through the ruling 10th house of government and the nation’s public image, symbolising the bloody and chaotic nature of the advancement. The transiting Mars is also approaching a square with natal Saturn and its own position, so the battle in a few days will really start to be underway in the seat of government, Tripoli. If you wish to see the natal Libyan chart please click here – Libya

My post on Colonel Gaddafi published 27th Feb 11 - Colonel Gaddafi

Libya 27 sept

I have tried to show the situation and movement of the planets month by month.

You can see the progression of events through Saturn. The natal Saturn/Mars Neptune conjunction in the natal Libyan chart fans out by aspect all the other planets. Saturn’s connection by transit here this time will herald the overthrow of the present regime. With transiting Saturn now conjunct to Saturn and square to Uranus and soon to move into a conjunction with natal Mars, this will be a violent and bloody end to the conflict. I would expect the end to be between mid and late September, because Libya’s Ascendant and Midheaven is ruled by Mercury. Natal Mercury lies at 18 degrees Sagittarius, and transiting Saturn will make a sextile with Mercury in the last week of September. This in turn will activate the natal Mercury Ascendant Midheaven t-square. Sextiles present opportunities and this will be an opportunity to complete the job started many months ago by the rebel forces. The transiting Sun and Mercury at this point make an opposition with Jupiter and square the natal Sun, which itself will be receiving a square again from retrograde Uranus.


Saturn then goes on to make contact with Neptune at the end of October. At this point, there will be a vey interesting mini grand trine as well as a wedge formation created. Transiting Mars conjunct Pluto and transiting Neptune opposite Pluto which is very brutal and grief stricken. Transiting Mercury also feeds into this Mars Pluto conjunction by way of a square, showing that this contact will affect the whole nation. The transiting North Node conjunct both natal Mercury (the chart ruler) and opposite the Midheaven and at the point is Saturn conjunct natal Neptune. Might this literally be the end of the dream for Gaddafi? Unless the Libyan leader has already got out of the country, then it will be nigh impossible for him to escape once the battle for Tripoli finally gets underway. The South Node conjunct to the Midheaven is a most unfortunate position, and the brutal Mars Pluto Neptune connection hitting the Saturn Neptune conjunction does say to me the end of the dream. If Gaddafi is caught, I suspect the rebels at this point will show no mercy to the dictator who ruled Libya for 40 years.

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