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Collins Mini Facial Kit

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,
ages and ages ago i got sent some really cute products to try out, they are for sensitive or anti-aging, in this kit i got lots of little samples and also a letter on how to use them all, which is so lovely
Collins mini facial kit
my favorite ones that im going to share with you were, the soothing calming cream,the anti-aging toner lotion and the protecting comfort balm.
Collins mini facial kit
now i don't really need anti-ageing products yet (touch wood) but i do like to use them every now and again, just to kind of top up my skin, if that makes sense.
now my skin is REALLY sensitive, and its always red and itchy, and this past couple of weeks its been driving me insane, so the soothing calming cream has been a real big help for me, its like a moisturizer, so you put it on after you cleanse and it soothes down my skin and makes it less itchy, you dont put it around your eye area though, it says it "offers immediate soothing and comfort  desensitises and calms irritation whilst strengthening the skin's natural defenses". I use this morning and night, and it really does what it says.
The anti-ageing toner is lovely, it really helps to refresh my skin and make it feel really soft and makes my make-up stay a little longer, you put it all over your face with a cotton wool pad just after you cleanse, it says " revives the complexion and leaves skin silky and soft, as well as perfectly finishing cleansing you skin". again dont go around your eye area.
the protecting comfort balm is abit like a mask i would say, you basically apply it all over your face after the toner, wait 10-15 minutes and wash it off. it goes along with the cream so that it makes my sensitive skin abit less sensitive, it soothes it and calms it down, and is great at the end of the day, when i take all my make-up off and i need a really soothing, relaxing rest. Its says " instantly soothes and protects sensitive or fragile, drier skins from external aggressors, This rich balm forms an anti-ageing shield and strengthen, calms and nourishes the skin, It can be used as a rich cream or a mask".
I only use these when i feel my skin has gotten really sensitive and dry, and these work perfectly to sort it out.
what products do you use on your skin? any sensitive ones that i should know about?

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