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Cold Sores and How To Get Rid of Them Today

Posted on the 16 February 2012 by Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Cold sore (Herpes labialis)

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I must state that this article is not written by a medical professional but instead an average Joe person that has battled with cold sores his entire life. I have personally searched up and down the globe on research about these cold sores and how to get rid of them.

Ever since I was a little boy I have constantly been fighting and battling with cold sores. Yes they are a form of herpes but it is a different type than the type that is found on the genitals that people get the wrong conception from. And yes my friends did make fun of me for having sexual herpes on my mouth. So if you’re feeling insecure, I have been there over and over.

Since day one of my cold sore outbreak, I have been trying to get rid of them with any way or means. And because there is no cure for herpes completely, it makes it very hard to get rid of something of that nature.

Remedies to help cure cold sores are all over the place. It seems like everybody has their own opinion on what appears their cold sore. I tried literally everything I could find and none of that helped.

I truly believe that all of the remedies you find online, only help a little bit on the exterior of the virus itself. To really fight a virus you have to go internally inside of the body.

After none of these home remedies worked whatsoever, I was ready for a serious keyer or anything I could get my hands on. I needed the best help possible and I was willing to pay for it. With my job and schooling, I was not ready to walk around with a huge sore of my face.

Living near daily life with a sore on the site your face is not easy. People start to ask questions in not to mention you become insecure about yourself. How can you expect to be taken seriously with a huge virus sore on the side of your mouth.

I was down the business and ready for results. I called around doctors within my whole state and try to figure out who was the best I could see for this. After finding the best Dr. in my area I went to go see him.

He had informed me that these home remedies really work not a cure and that despite the herpes virus I needed something more serious. Because genital herpes had somewhat of a cure, we went ahead with that prescription. This prescription is commonly known as Valtrex.

Valtrex was the first prescription available for this type of virus infection. The drug did not kill the herpes virus but instead only stop it in its footsteps. This was better than nothing and I was ready to try it.

The drug consisted of me taking a large dosage at the first signs of me getting a cold sore. The earlier I can’t the idea of me having a cold sore the better it was for me to get rid of it. So as soon as I noticed my next cold sore, and I took the first dosage of the prescription.

This drug in fact help me very much. It did exactly what the doctor said it was going to do and killed it at the first signs of growth. It did not eliminate the virus but stopped it. So if I could stop it at the very earliest, I would wind up with barely anything I will cold sore. You must remember with this though you have to catch it as early as possible.

Vista Rob does work for cold sores and I am writing a review on it right now giving it a very happy review. This prescription has literally changed my life and I’m very thankful for it. I now only take the drug with the first signs of me having a cold sore.

This is my cure to having cold sores because nothing or any home remedies help whatsoever. All of the expensive over-the-counter stuff did basically nothing for me. Stop paying for these remedies and just go see your doctor and ask for Valtrex.

Chris Weber is the author of this article. I have battled cold sores for decades of my life and I have finally got it figured out to a science now. Check out this article of my personal story on battling cold sores.

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