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Coffee and Jesus: FAQ

By Asullivan @asullivan85

​Did you miss the announcement of Coffee and Jesus? No worries! Go here for all the details. 


I have had several people ask me some questions about the concept and what to expect when meeting. So, I thought I would answer them today! Also, the next national event will take place on Saturday, October 13th. Are you signed up? ​ Here is what we are studying! 


On to your questions! ​


What IS Coffee and Jesus? ​It's a movement of women who are seeking to become more Christ-like as a whole. Fellowship and friendship with other women is a vital part of learning to please our Father. Molding and shaping our hearts to please the Lord. That's it.


​Who can attend Coffee and Jesus? Anyone! Isn't that fab? Invite your friends, family, fellow church members. Send out a Facebook invite! Get creative. I PROMISE you will get a positive response. It's not about changing yourself before you attend, Coffee and Jesus is open to anyone and everyone! 


What do we talk about in Coffee and Jesus? This is a bi-monthly event, therefore studies will be released twice a month. At this time, they are free standing, format free studies. The kicker is that you need to STUDY what is announced! What does that look like? Well, ideally you will have 2 weeks between each Coffee and Jesus event. That should give you plenty of time to really dig into what you have before you. This means grabbing a notebook and a pen, your Bible, maybe even an additional Bible in a different version for comparison, a book about the topic or person we are studying. Remember studying in school? Yeah, to radically change your heart, you need to be studying the Bible hardcore. I promise it is beyond rewarding. ​


I think I might want to start a Coffee and Jesus group in my area. How do I do that? This is great! We are looking for other organizers from across the globe! Just fill this out to get your group registered and in the directory. ​


How do I join a local Coffee and Jesus group? Great question! Fill out this form to get your name on the Coffee and Jesus list! If there is a group in your area, you will be notified! No worries, we are continually checking the list (as there are groups popping up daily) to ensure you are connected when available! ​


Do I have to join a group? No. You don't, but we do encourage it! I know meeting new people and opening up can be scary. I do, I promise. If you want to try out Coffee and Jesus on your own before joining or starting your own group, go for it! That's why you can choose individual or group when signing up! ​


Besides signing up, how do I get connected with the Coffee and Jesus community? One mega way is by connecting on Instagram and Twitter by using the hashtag #CoffeeandJesus! You can also join us on our official Facebook page! Jump in the conversation and get plugged in! ​


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