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Coffee and Jesus

By Asullivan @asullivan85

Who loves Jesus? ME! Who loves coffee or any other hot beverage? ME! And who likes gathering with other women who like these things to discuss the Bible? ME! ​

I'm totally having a conversation with myself. ​

I am excited to share with you that I am a part of something I personally think is going to be BIG. It's already a big deal in my life and I am challenging it to be big in yours. What is it? ​

Coffee and Jesus

Coffee and Jesus. What does that mean? Well my good friend Katie (P.S. ALL props go to here. This is her vision 100%, I just want to share with with you) puts it simply: Women love coffee (or most anyway) and many women (in my life) need, want, desire, and crave fellowship with other women within the Word. Hence, Coffee and Jesus, Why do I keep capitalizing it? Because it's an event...and you are invited. ​

We hope to spread Coffee and Jesus across this nation. Where women all over are meeting in homes, coffee shops, or any other comfortable venue to learn, grown, discuss, and build each other to be the daughter of the King that we are. ​This isn't a strict study, just let the conversation flow. 

Coffee and Jesus

So here's my challenge to you: Join us. Yep. Join us for Coffee and Jesus. Whether it's just you or a group of some new and old faces, GET IN THE WORD with us. This Saturday we will be meeting to discuss the book of Ruth. Blog about your discussion/study, tweet about it, Instagram about it, Facebook about it! (Yes, those are all verbs.) Get connected by using the hashtag #coffeeandjesus​. 

​Who's ready to make some radical changes?

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