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Coconut and Chocolate Mousse à La LCHF

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
Coconut and Chocolate Mousse à la LCHF

Do you want some dairy free chocolate mousse? It's got a relatively low amount of sugar, all from the very dark chocolate.

It's not for every day, but it can be a good dessert option for special occasions (unless of course you are addicted to sweets, then it's never a good idea).

This is another recipe from popular Swedish cookbook author and blogger Åse Falkman Fredrikson.

Coconut and Chocolate Mousse

Coconut and Chocolate Mousse à la LCHFThis chocolate mousse is delicious and completely dairy free!

Ingredients, 4 servings

1¾ cups (400 ml) creamy coconut milk
2 egg yolks
3½ oz (100 g) dark chocolate (at least 70%)
1 vanilla stem


1. Carefully bring coconut milk and egg yolks to a simmer, whisking continuously. Let simmer while stirring for 10 minutes.

2. Break the chocolate into a bowl. Add the vanilla kernels and pour the coconut milk on top. Let stand for a while so that the chocolate melts.

3. Whisk the batter together and pour into glasses. Refrigerate for at least two hours before serving.

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