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Coca Cola Sponsors Brazilian Obesity Conference

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1


This is ugly. Coca Cola is trying desperately to become part of the “solution” to obesity. It’s like Marlboro trying to look like the solution to lung cancer. The latest ploy? Coca Cola is sponsoring a Brazilian conference on obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Now, I don’t blame Coca Cola. I’m sure this is a nice move and well worth the investment. It’s going to make the shareholders happy.

I do blame the conference organizers however. They are either too greedy or simply uninformed. Either way, it looks bad. It makes the entire conference smell.

The organizers are asking for comments on their site. I added one and according to Google Translate the answer was: “Your comment has been successfully received.
Will soon be published in this space.”

Somehow I doubt it will be published, but at least someone is reading it.


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